alt text="Ballade pour Adeline"

Digital inkjet on rag paper, laser engraved acrylic sheets
7.75" x 7.75"

This project aims to create a physical navigation experience through the act of touching and walking as the reader progresses along in the narration. The active act of walking in the narration is performed by the reader themselves as they are required to touch the panels to read the content and walk to another. The journey being described is also being experienced physically. Instead of following proper alt text practice, both the text description and the images are simplified to one subject at a time, allowing the viewer to weave in their own imagination to the scenes.

Installation shots:

To view the panorama:
With scroll ball on mouse: hover on the image and scroll left/right.
With keyboard: click the image, then use the left/right arrow key to scroll.

Close up shots of individual set:
If Braille dots are obscuring the text too much, hover cursor on top of the text panel to reveal text.

you wake up finding yourself on a train, alone, with empty seats across from you. you look out the window behind you and see the train tracks outside, covered by snow. the train is stopped. you get off the train and walk along the tracks, not knowing where you are heading.

you are walking on a cliff, above the shore below. the waves break into white foam as they approach the shore. you look across the ocean and see a distant range of mountains that aligns with the horizon. the tallest one, in the center, is fully covered in snow.

you have come to the entrance of a tunnel, a portal. the portal arch is about 16 feet wide, as you roughly measure the distance from one end to another by foot. the tunnel stretches out quite far, all the way through the hillside, and you can see a small portion of light from the other end of the tube.

the tunnel leads to a narrow pathway that spans into an endless open field of well-tended farmland. the trenching is visible in the recently harvested fields. the pathway cuts through the fields through the center, blending into the woods at the far end.

you realize there are no visible trails leading into the woods as you come closer. you see a deer resting under a tree not far away. it sees you too, and stands up. you look into its eyes and perceive an unspoken understanding that you should follow it. the deer runs into the woods.

just as you lose the deer and your directions in the woods, you spot a red gate hidden behind a big tree. it is a wooden gate, about the size of a regular door frame. it has double lintels, connected by a ​​tie beam in between. some red paint chips off as you touch the rounded columns.

it isn’t just one red gate, you realize as you walk past the first one. there are many of them, each stands a foot apart from another, forming a rib-like passage. rays of light fall through the gaps between each gate, from the sides and above, leaving bright stripes on the dirt ground. they remind you of the train tracks.

a wooden bridge awaits you outside of the passage. the railings are also painted red. they are at waist level; a single rail supported by balusters 3 feet apart. the breeze raises ripples on the wide river running below.

you walk along the riverside on the other end of the bridge. a figure comes into view not far away. a girl is standing next to and facing the water. dressed in a long black dress, her long hair is blown to one side. you can only capture a silhouette of her.

the deer appears. it stands behind the girl and stares at you. you once again understand the deer. so you get closer to them and call her name.
she turns around and smiles at you.

Other close up details:

Puff ink version mockup:

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