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Bocchi - comes from the Japanese term 一人ぼっち (hitori bocchi) meaning alone, solitary.

Bocchi is an independent

that specializes in small run, custom made artist book and printed matter projects.

Bocchi is an independent vanity press that specializes in small run, custom made artist book and printed matter projects. The core concept of Bocchi projects is to collaborate and inspire individuals who want to create small run projects in the form of printed matter. Bocchi aims to provide solutions in realising concept, design, and execution for the individuals who need assistance in achieving their projects. If you have a project idea but do not know how to achieve it, you are not alone – not anymore – Bocchi can work with you to make it happen.

Free project consultationFree project consultation

Free project consultation

Bocchi is an independent

that specializes in small run, custom made artist book and printed matter projects.

For the soft launch of Bocchi this year, and to support creative individuals to work on their own book projects during COVID times, Bocchi is offering free project consultation until the end of the year. Use the contact form below to submit your project idea for a free consultation.

How does it work?

What is a vanity press?

A vanity press, vanity publisher, or subsidy publisher is a publishing house in which authors pay to have their books published. Bocchi offers solutions in concept, design, and production of individual book or printed matter projects. Other services related to your project production such as proof reading, promotion, or documentation might be available, please inquire in your consultation form.

In plain English:
Bocchi is a vanity press so we do not offer any in-house printing, we rather, help individuals to research and find all the facilities and services that might need to complete their project. At this stage of the press, we are only able to offer project consultation and limited digital services such as layout design.

Compensation and commission

Since Bocchi is a vanity press, you will bear all the production cost (material + labour) of the whole process, Bocchi will also obtain 2 copies of the final product for archival and demo purpose as courtesy of the artist. Once your project is published, you are responsible for your own sale and will own all the profit, Bocchi will not obtain any royalty fees.

Digital printing will be outsourced to a commercial printer of the artist’s choice and traditional printing cost varies depending on the material and process. Bocchi will provide resources on commercial printing as needed.
Detailed price quote will be provided in the free project consultation.

If you wish to have your finished product available for sale on Bocchi’s online store and local sales events, the consignment fee will be 30% of the final sale price.

Solutions and Services

At the early launch period, Bocchi is only providing consultation and digital file preparation solutions. Solutions are only available via email due  to the current COVID-19 situation.

The full list of solutions and services include the following:

Book/printed matter projects
  1. Consultation (Brainstorm project design and provide quote)
  2. Design & layout
  3. Printing (Digital, letterpress and silkscreening)
  4. Binding (Commercial, traditional, and alternative binding)
  5. Full service publishing (all of the above)
Printing projects: promotional material related to the book project
  1. Letterpress (size limit)
  2. Silkscreen
  3. Digital
Other services
  1. Consignment sales (Online store and local book events)
  2. Web service (Project launch one-pager website)
  3. Photo documentation of the finished product
  4. Editing / Proofread(outsource)
  5. Other print design projects

At the early stage of establishing the vanity press, Bocchi will only be able to accept small run projects (maximum 50 copies) for projects that require custom work in the following steps: 

  • Binding
  • Traditional printing
  • Hand works on the final presentation (for example: assembling, folding etc.)

There is no run limit for basic book format that is printed digitally and bound by a commercial service.

Are there any work samples?

Yes! You can find work samples from the work section of my portfolio, as well as on tumblr and facebook page for other collaboration work and events. Other work samples might also be available upon request.

Bocchi specialize in small-run, custom made, and alternative book form projects, if you have a weird, uncommon idea and want to know if it's doable, feel free to contact us!

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