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blind poems – A. A. Poems

Digital prints
Edition of 30
5″ x 7″

blind poems is an experimental poetry project for heterodox text art.

It encourages text composition that follows the consciousness, allowing it to blindly flow into what it might become. Art does not have to make sense all the time — the same goes for writing. Sometimes it’s okay to simply write without thinking. If you feel stuck within frames and rules, blind poems might be a stepping stone for you to get out and take a break.

All of the poems in this book are "generated" using a set of word slips, where each slip is arranged freely, without thinking. Some of these poems read similar as a result of the repeated words, and yet each of them is very different. They are created by different people at different times in different moods, sometimes even with a personal conditional practice.

Each copy comes with a set of word slips that are built into the dust jacket of the book, readers are encouraged to cut up the word slips to create their own blind poems. The set of word slips contain some of the words that were used in the original poems in this book.