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Letterpress artist book, 3D printed type cast with plastic
Edition of 25 split v.e.
11.5 cm X 15 cm
Hand printed and bound at the Banff Centre, 2015

This project is completed at the Banff Centre during the Thematic residency: Truth, Lies and Lore in 2015.

This edition of the artist’s book is created in memory of the Umbrella Movement (2014) in Hong Kong, symbolized in this book by the embossed umbrella on each copy.  This edition is split into 2 versions; [a] and [b], each consisting of a complementary set of 20 images. The images in each version are randomized and unique. A complete set of images can only be obtained by collecting both versions that are part of this edition. The type is printable on letterpress.

Line works are hand-traced from media and press photographs of the event, then exposed as polymer plates, printed on tracing paper using letterpress, and hand-bound by the artist and staff at the Xerox Printshop at the Banff Centre. Overlaying imagery on semi-transparent paper creates a unique perspective for each page as it turns to the next. The plastic type object, casted from a 3D printed ornament, was used to emboss the book cover and print inside the book.


This book is part of the artist's book collection at Paul D Fleck Library & Archives at the Banff Centre.

* * *

An additional postcard series is printed for Outside the Envelope // Letters from Home @ Alberta Printmaker’s Society, 2016.

Umbrella (postcard)
silkscreen (glow in the dark text)
4 in x 6 in
edition of 10, 2016

* * *

The book is exhibited at Lèche – VOTRINE at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, 2018.

The book and polymer plates are exhibited in Lighthours at Hotam Press, 2021.